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Radiologic Technologist at International Organization for Migration (IOM)

  • Full Time
  • Lilongwe
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International Organization for Migration (IOM)

  1. Position Information

Position Title:                                                Radiologic Technologist

Position Grade:                                             G.5

Duty Station:                                                 Lilongwe, Malawi

Position Number:                                         20095542

Job Family:                                      Migration Health

Organizational Unit:                      10014625

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Position rated on:                          02.10.2018

Reports directly to:                        20094801

Number of Direct Reports:           0

  1. Organizational Context and Scope

Under the direct supervision of the Migration Health Physician, and with the technical guidance from IOM Teleradiology Center and the overall supervision of the Chief of Mission for administrative matters, the successful candidate will be responsible for processing screening X-ray of the refugees and immigrants in the IOM Health Assessment Programme, and will specifically carry-out the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Responsibilities and Accountabilities
  • Take good quality chest X-ray images of migrants as requested by Physicians and/or Radiologist in accordance with IOM and international radiographic standards and resettlement countries technical instructions. Take the appropriate additional chest X-ray views using the standard procedures, when requested.
  • Explain the X-ray examination procedures to applicants and answer questions. Prepare equipment’s and examination rooms for use, perform proper ID checking, correct biodata entry to CR/DR machines and standard labelling of the radiographic images avoiding substitutions.
  • Apply proper radiographic techniques and radiation protection procedures during X-ray taking, including providing pelvic lead shielding for all, double wrap-around lead shielding for pregnant woman, positioning of applicants, collimation of X-ray beam, and use of proper X-ray exposure factors, and monitoring of applicants during the examinations.
  • Perform proper processing of digital images on CR/DR machine, review the image quality and repeat when the image quality is not acceptable. Report important/urgent information to Radiologists and/or Physician.
  • Contribute to maintaining consistently high-quality chest X-rays in the Radiology Unit through proper utilization of radiographic techniques, checking and correcting technical quality of the images, adherence to technical requirements of resettlement countries and training of staff involved in chest X-ray taking. Take the role of quality assurance focal person for the X-ray Unit, as needed.
  • Participate in ensuring the overall radiation safety of the applicants, staff and the public by applying the standard radiation protection rules and regulations, regularly wearing personal radiation measurement badges, assisting the reading of the personal radiation monitoring badge, performing the duties of radiation protection focal person and communicating with the respective authorities, as needed.
  • Take part in the regular and timely quality assurance of the CR/DR X-ray machines through proper handling of machines and regular checking of equipment performance and reporting of issues immediately.  Contact external and internal technical service providers regarding maintenance service and repair of the X-ray equipment as needed.
  • Contribute in optimizing the workflow in the Radiology Unit through applying regular quality control and improvement of the standard operating procedures including identification procedures and correctness of data entry to ensure quick, correct, and smooth X-ray processing and timely delivery of chest X-ray images and reports.
  • Prepare daily worklists, barcodes, check the identity of applicants, radiographic counselling, uploading digital Chest X-rays images to e-Medical website, and/or burning images on CDs.
  • Prepare statistical summary reports on operational activities of the Radiology Unit, document any other information and properly keep records as needed.
  • Communicate with the Radiologist and/or Teleradiology Centers for the reading of the chest X-rays, take the role of the Country Office’s focal person for coordinating the radiology chest X-ray reading workflow and provide the chest X-ray reports to the panel physicians as needed.
  • Contribute in implementing infection control measures and maintaining a tidy and neat work environment in the Radiology Unit.
  • Suggest additional measures to improve the quality, speed or safety of the radiological procedures as needed.
  • Perform any other duties as may be assigned.
  1. Required Qualifications and Experience


  • Bachelor’s degree or Diploma from an accredited academic institution in Radiologic Technology.
  • A valid license to practice Radiography,.