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Senior Research Associate – Agronomy ( Malawi) at Bioversity International

Bioversity International

Job Description

  • Provide input on strategic direction and engagement of livestock participatory approaches
  • Synthesize new innovative tools and/or apply existing tools and methods to quantify GHG emissions from mixed farming systems as a basis to establish entry points to quantify mitigation actions in Sustainable Intensification of mixed farming systems
  • Establish mechanisms to implement practical methods to quantify climate mitigation and climate adaptation in mixed farming systems
  • Develop and apply a compendium of economic, simulation and systems tools to assess Sustainable Intensification in Mixed Farming Systems
  • Identification, collection of evidence, and analysis of potential recommendation domains for Sustainable Intensification innovations for MFS and coordination of piloting and local participatory implementation
  • Identification of institutional innovations and tools conducive to scaling of Sustainable Intensification in Mixed Farming Systems
  • On-ground piloting, data collection, and participatory/action research; integrated management of crop-livestock systems for co-design of Sustainable Intensification in Mixed Farming Systems
  • Propose and implement market-driven value chain approaches to create incentives for systems approach favorable to crop-livestock integration of Sustainable Intensification in Mixed Farming Systems
  • Analysis of policy options to support scaling of innovations in mixed crop-livestock systems in a systems approach, paying due consideration to public health and the emergence of infectious diseases and public health hazards such as antimicrobial resistance, among other One Health concerns
  • Proposal development for sustainable financing to support mixed farming systems, in partnership with global players in the climate smart crop-livestock space
  • Write policy briefs, project progress and final reports


  • MSc in Agronomy, Agricultural Sciences, or any other relevant field, with a focus and/or proven interest crop-livestock topics
  • Systems thinking for mixed crop-livestock integration.
  • Demonstrated experience on how climate smart livestock management applies to mixed farming systems.
  • Innovative interventions as applied to measurement, verification and reporting systems as applied to mixed farming systems
  • Mixed methods (Qualitative and Quantitative) analysis of mixed farm management datasets.
  • Pathways and policy frameworks for Sustainable Intensification of Mixed Farming Systems and how these facilitate and support scaling
  • Partnerships with global players in climate smart livestock development.
  • Sustainable intensification approaches to promote One Health in Mixed Farming Systems.
  • Proposal and policy briefs formulations that support integration of climate smart options for mixed crop-livestock farming systems

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