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Secondary School Headteacher at MALO A MCHEREZO

  • Full Time
  • Malawi
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  • Salary: 000



MALO A MCHEREZO means “place of refuge” and is a growing, multisite non-profit organization. We provide holistic care to underprivileged orphaned children in our surrounding community. They receive not only food, clothing, and medical care, but also a well-rounded school education. We offer these needy children a place where they feel safe, loved, cared for, and challenged. Here, they can get to know Jesus and have the opportunity to choose a life with Him. They also receive the opportunity to develop their character, knowledge, skills, and individual gifts through the education they receive at our school or vocational training centre.

This is our strategy for breaking the cycle of poverty and giving people in Malawi and Mozambique a better future. MALO A MCHEREZO runs four child care centres in Malawi and one in Mozambique. Our child care centre in Chiole, close to Ntcheu Boma, has a kindergarten, preschool, secondary school (Reg. No NU/19/010) and a vocational training centre operating through donor support.

MAM has been operating in Malawi for at least 20 years and has helped numerous young people to achieve an independent, meaningful life. Presently, we are seeking a suitable candidate for the headteacher position at our secondary school in Chiole, Ntcheu. This secondary school follows the national curriculum. It strives to become a place of not only academic excellence but also character development, inspiration, and personal growth. The school is attended by young people from our MALO A MCHEREZO support programme as well from the surrounding areas. Thus it has a wide range of influence. It is our prayer, that God not only uses this secondary school to equip young people for life but also to transform the surrounding community.

Are you passionate about caring for and equipping children so that they can develop into responsible adults? If you share our vision, are interested in joining our international team in Malawi and Mozambique, and possess the attributes listed below, please consider applying for this position.

Statement Of Key Competency

  • Committed to following and growing in Christ
  • Spiritually and personally mature and sober minded
  • Open for advice, critique, new methods and solutions, ready for lifelong learning
  • Open to understand different point of views in a cross-cultural working environment
  • Creative and innovative (can create new concepts, strategies, plans etc.)
  • Good cross-cultural communication skills and fluency in English (both written and oral)
  • Computer literacy (able to use Microsoft office package, the internet, email, and basic programs)
  • Punctual and highly reliable (e.g. keeps deadlines)
  • Inner drive and motivation to achieve set goals
  • Integrity in working with diligence, dedication, and faithfulness with or without supervision
  • Team player with good interpersonal skills
  • Teaching skills, especially in activating student-centered methods
  • Minimum of a degree in education or other related qualifications
  • Has at least 5 years of work experience in a similar position
  • Can lead a team and hold people accountable in striving for excellence in their duties
  • Must be ready to develop the school in team work (especially in close cooperation with the Educational Consultant)

Duties & Responsibilities

The applicant must be prepared to face a wide range of challenges and responsibilities daily. The role will re- quire completing the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Creating an academic programme for students that meets national standards and equips students with additional skills and character traits for an independent life
  • planning and organizing the academic year and day-to-day life in school
  • Working closely and communicating with students’ parents
  • Helping assess students’ needs and development
  • Selecting training, supporting and assessing staff
  • Evaluating and improving the quality of the school according to its vision
  • Providing guidance to staff to help resolve issues with students
  • Using data to track student performance and produce reports
  • Controlling school finances and creating reflected budgets
  • Ensuring the safety of all children in the institution/programme
  • Cooperating closely with the Educational Consultant and the Board in the constant development of the school and its vision and strategy
  • Reporting regularly to the School Board, be accountable
  • Leading the staff in spiritual activities, taking time to pray for the school and it’s needs and develop a spiritual profile of it
  • Teaching with activating methods and being a role model as a teacher

Method of Application

We are an international team. We expect our team members to live in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and to be an active member of an evangelical church.

Please send your cover letter, C.V. and any other documents as .pdf files which proof your trainings to: until the 01st October 2022.