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Project Safeguards Officer at Ministry Of Natural Resources And Climate Change

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  • Lilongwe
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Ministry Of Natural Resources And Climate Change



The Malawi Government has received financial support from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to implement the
Transformational Adaptation for Climate Resiliencein the Lake Chilwa Basin of Malawi (TRANSFORM). In the Lake Chilwa basin in southern Malawi, local communities are increasingly affected by the impacts of climate change. Since the 1960s, Malawi has experienced an increase in annual temperatures, prolonged dry seasons, increasingly variable rainfall patterns and more frequent heavy rainfall events. These climatic changes have been particularly acute in the Lake Chilwa basin where they have contributed to a rise in the intensity and frequency of climate hazards such as droughts and floods associated with: i) a decline in the capacity of ecosystems in the basin to regulate the hydrological cycle; ii) a decrease in Lake Chilwa’s water levels; and iii) a reduction in the productivity of fisheries and rainfed agriculture.

TRANSFORM Project aims to reduce the vulnerability of communities surrounding the lake to the adverse effects of climate change by strengthening the resilience of livelihoods through
Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) and financing of sustainable, climate-resilient enterprises. Specific interventions implemented under TRANSFORM will include: i) enhancing the capacity of communities and institutions to plan, implement and monitor EbA interventions that build the adaptive capacity of the basin; ii) improving small-scale producers’ access to lucrative markets for climate-resilient products and value chains through diversification of product/service offerings and alternative livelihoods, as well as by enhancing access to microfinance, social protection and insurance; and iii) facilitating the adoption of alternative and climate-resilient livelihoods.

These interventions will see more robust and coordinated relationships between the private sector and small-scale producers, facilitated by concessional financing, improved
infrastructure and technologies, thereby enabling a long-term resilience building and vulnerability reduction in the Lake Chilwa basin and across the rest of Malawi.

The project will be implemented in Machinga, Zomba and Phalombe Districts. It is against this background that the Ministry of Natural Resources and Climate Change would like to
recruit personnel to spearhead the management and implementation of the TRANSFORM project.

The Ministry therefore, would like to invite applications from suitable candidates to fill the vacant positions that exist within the Project Management Unit (PMU) at the Environmental
Affairs Department.


The objective of the project is to reduce the vulnerability of communities surrounding Lake Chilwa to the adverse effects of climate change by strengthening the resilience of livelihoods
through Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) and financing of climate-resilient enterprises in Lake Chilwa, and scaled up to other regions of Malawi: This will be addressed through 3

(i) Component 1: Enhancing financing and investment in adaptation options and climate-resilient enterprises in the Lake Chilwa basin, with potential for upscaling to other regions
of Malawi. this will contribute to the outcome of enhanced public and private sector investment in and strengthened market linkages for upscaling sustainable, climate-resilient
enterprises to provide communities with alternative sources of income.

(ii) Component 2: Implementation of EbA and Sustainable climate-resilient livelihoods. This will contribute to the attainment of outcome 1 which is Reduced vulnerability of communities in target districts to climate change through the implementation of EbA interventions and the introduction of innovative sustainable climate-resilient livelihoods in preparation for scaling up through Outcomes 1 and 3.

(iii) Component 3: Strengthening the enabling environment for upscaling of initiatives aimed at climate-resilient development across Malawi. This will contribute to the outcome of
Strengthened enabling environment for district and community-level institutions to plan, implement and monitor Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA), in readiness for receiving
funding under the SCFF.


The Ministry of Natural Resources and Climate Change through the Environmental Affairs Department (EAD) is implementing a Transformation adaptation for Climate Resilience in the Lake Chilwa Basin in Malawi project (TRANSFORM). It is against this background that the Ministry would therefore like to seek the services of a (i)Project Manager, (ii) Monitoring and
Evaluation Officer, (iii) Safeguards Officer, (iv) Gender and Social Inclusion Officer, (v) Project Coordinators, (vi) Project Procurement Officer, (vii) Finance and Administrative Officer, (viii) Finance and Administrative Assistants to manage day to day operations of the project for a period of 60 months.

The Project Manager, the Project Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, the Project Safeguards Officer, the Project Gender and Social Inclusion Officer, the Finance and Administration Officer and the project Procurement Officer will operate from the Project Management Unit (PMU) based at the Environmental Affairs Department offices in Lilongwe and will be reporting to the Director of Environmental Affairs. The District Project Coordinators and Finance and Administration Assistants will operate from Machinga, Zomba and Phalombe Districts and will report to the Project Manager based at Environmental Affairs Department in Lilongwe.

Project Safeguards Officer

60 working Days per year/ over 5 years

The Safeguards Officer will work directly with technical officers from the Environmental Affairs Department and the PMU and report to the Director of Environmental Affairs through the TRANSFORM Project Manager. This position demands highly qualified professionals having strong technical competency in providing strategic guidance to the Project Management Unit (PMU) and government line departments for building sustained national capacity for environment and natural resources management and climate change adaptation.

The key outputs for this position is that project capacity for climate change adaptation planning and implementation will be built within project beneficiaries for climate change adaptation, significant change in environment restoration, natural resources management and climate change mitigation. The Safeguards Officer will be employed on contract basis and will be expected to provide his/her services to the Environmental Affairs Department for a period of 180 working days per year for a period of 5 years.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Monitor progress in the development/implementation of the Project’s ESMP/ESMF, ensuring that UNDPs SES policy is fully met and the reporting requirements are fulfilled;
  • Interface with national authorities in charge of environment and climate change management to ensure implementation of environmental and social safeguards, including preparation of ecosystem-based management plans (EBAs), ESIAs, ESMPs and GRM, are developed and conform to Government and IFAD requirements as part of the Social Environment and Climate Assessment Procedures (SECAP)
  • Oversee/develop/coordinate the implementation of all safeguard-related work; and facilitate full and effective stakeholder engagement, including through a mechanism to respond to complaints from project-affected people
  • Ensure social and environmental grievances are managed effectively and transparently;
  • Review the SESP annually, and update and revise the corresponding risk log; mitigation/management plans as necessary;
  • Ensure full disclosure with concerned stakeholders;
  • Review the project related documentation to better understand the implications of proposed environment and natural resources management and climate change adaptation investments under the Programme
  • Ensure environmental and social risks are identified, avoided, mitigated and managed throughout project implementation; and
  • Work with the M&E officer to ensure reporting, monitoring and evaluation fully address the safeguard issues of the Project.
  • Strengthen the social and environmental outcomes of of the Projects
  • Facilitate the Screening of microprojects for determination of further environmental work
  • Conduct a quality review of early drafts of SESPs (or “pre-SESPs”) to ensure proper identification and categorization of risk.
  • Undertake safeguards oversight missions, as needed and per projects’ M&E plans etc.
  • Quality assure safeguards sections of progress reports and evaluations (e.g. donor reports, annual progress reports, GEF PIR mid-term and final evaluations) and contribute substantively where in line with the oversight function (e.g. in support of relevant Team Lead)
  • Track progress of high/substantial risk and other priority projects’ implementation of required SES elements (ESIA, GRM, stakeholder engagement, disclosure, etc.)
  • Ensure project-level grievance mechanisms are established within the project governance structure and that relevant safeguard risks are monitored
  • Prepare an annual report on Environmental and Social Safeguards implementation in the office, capturing key lessons learned and recommendations for how to strengthen SES implementation moving forward.
  • Support preparation of baseline surveys including climate vulnerability assessments and environmental impact analysis in the targeted community.
  • Provide technical guidance to ensure that natural resource management investments reduce environmental degradation and assist farmers in the scheme cluster areas adapt to climate change impacts, and contributes to sustainable land and water management practices
  • Facilitate integration of relevant and cross-cutting environmental, natural resources and climate change management issues
  • Periodically, carry out the necessary coordination activities for environmental activities and perform related field work as required and submitting clear and concise written reports based on field inspections

Qualifications and Experience

  • A minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Sciences, Environmental Management and Natural Resources Managementfrom an accredited University is a must.
  • 5 years work experience with relevant and proven track record in similar assignments related to implementation or supervision of environment and natural resources management projects / programmes. Work experience in climate change adaptation and integrated water resources management or experience in donor funded programmes will be an added advantage

Technical Skills

  • Demonstrated experience in in Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Environmental and Social Management Plan and integration of those plans into development activity Planning, implementation and Monitoring.
  • In-depth understanding of Malawi Environmental and natural resources policy and regulatory framework and ESIA guidelines; and UNDP Social and Environmental Standards
  • Good working knowledge and experience in environmental safeguards
  • Experience implementing social and environmental safeguards at the project level and providing technical support to implementing partners is desirable
  • Demonstrated expertise in the development and quality assurance of safeguards instruments (e.g. Screening tools, ESIAs, ESMPs, GRMs, etc) is desirable
  • Ability to work independently and under pressure to meet strict deadlines
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a team and capacity to foster teamwork and establish harmonious working relationships in a multicultural environment
  • Good working knowledge of Windows-based computing programs, and electronic communication

Key Competences

  • Result oriented
  • Innovative
  • Continuously learning
  • Adaptive management skills
  • Determined
  • Engagement and partnership skills

Location of Employment

The Safeguards Officer will be based at Project Management Unit within the Environmental Affairs Department Headquarters, in Lilongwe but will be required to travel extensively and regular to the Project areas and will be working in close collaboration with the Project staff and District Project Coordinators and district staff and provide support on safeguards during implementation of the project.

Method Of Application

Interested applicants that satisfy the requirements in the ToRs should submit their applications includinga signed application letter indicating the position they are applying for with an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae (CV); Names and Contacts of Three Traceable Referees; Copies of Certificates by 04:30 PM on 24th November, 2023 to: The Director Environmental Affairs, Lingadzi House, P/Bag 394, LILONGWE 3.