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Program Director at FLORESTA in Malawi

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  • Mzuzu
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FLORESTA in Malawi

Job Purpose

The Program Director will direct field operations within deadlines defined in the three-year operating plans, and provide strategic and operational leadership to Floresta in Malawi activities in a professional, effective, and efficient manner. Overseeing program planning, budgeting, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, control, and timely submission of high-quality qualitative and quantitative reports. Lead, guide, and provide support to program reviews, reflection meetings, learnings, and appraisal of new initiatives. Coordinating strategic alliances, partnerships, and high-profile representation of the organization at the district and the national level. Facilitate the development of Key Performance Indicators for staff, conduct performance appraisals, and provide technical backstopping support to staff through coaching, and mentorship. The Program Director will support the National Director in the Management of Floresta in Malawi to achieve the set objectives and act in the position of National Director as and when the need arises.

Job Purpose

The Program Director will be responsible for program planning, management, and development, resource management, team management, monitoring and evaluation and knowledge management, management of the safety of assets and operations, and representing Floresta at the community and district level.

Program Planning, Management, and Development

  • Provide day-to-day management of the overall implementation of all assigned Floresta in Malawi program operations.
  • Prepare annual plans and ensure timely achievement of milestones in line with set standards and budgets.
  • Develop project proposals to submit to donors and respond to calls for proposals.
  • Design and distribute marketing and fundraising tools (Concept notes, leaflets, newsletter, website, etc.)
  • Ensure that necessary Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) are developed and signed with all implementing partners and relevant government departs at district and community levels
  • Maintain regular liaison with technical teams, M&E, and finance to ensure that program implementation adheres to Floresta in Malawi program policy and operational standards
  • Participate in the development of country program strategic plans.
  • Program-related tasks.
  • Under the supervision of the National Director, ensure that the multi-annual, annual, and quarterly plans are developed and executed in consultation with the Program Managers (ER Manager, EE Manager, and SR Manager), according to the principles of Focused Management Results (GAR);
  • Work with key personnel to develop performance goal metrics to ensure consistent, high-quality assessment and goal setting for employees.
  • Coordinate and manage Floresta Floresta’s internal and external communication strategy and plan;
  • Ensure that internal and external evaluations of the program are conducted according to the time requirements of donors and Floresta;
  • Manage and support the program team within the program management structure (annual planning, coordination, financial and operational monitoring, risk management, etc.);
  • Communicate with clients and other stakeholders to gain community support for the program and to solicit input to improve the program.
  • Ensure that the program implementation procedures are followed by the specialist teams
  • Monitor progress toward the expected results of the programs;
  • Monitor the adequacy of the resources allocated to the activities of the programs/components and the proper use of the funds by the Department’s Managers;
  • Prepare the files of the Executive Committee
  • Prepare the files of the management committee, write its reports, and ensure the follow-up of its decisions;
  • He is responsible for the regular production of program activity reports (quarterly, half-yearly, and annual) and their distribution to the competent authority;
  • Participate in the selection of future employees and the definition of their roles, conduct interviews, and make hiring recommendations.
  • Ensure that program operations and activities comply with legal guidelines and organizational and partner policies.

Resource Management

  • Participate in FB staff recruitment processes.
  • Supervise the specialist officers and ensure that the work of Floresta in Malawi is carried out following the policies of the partners and Floresta in Malawi;
  • Ensure the implementation of the program complies with internal policies. In collaboration with technical specialists, improve and innovate policies and procedures for functional and operational areas within Floresta in Malawi;
  • Ensure job responsibilities are clearly communicated and tasks are appropriately delegated among program staff.
  • Prepare annual budget requirements for the assigned areas of operation and deliverables.
  • Facilitate timely and safe delivery of all necessary project implementation materials.
  • Maintain oversight and ensure effective budget, finance, fleet, and fuel management by regular monitoring, analysis, and reporting in line with Floresta in Malawi policy.
  • Maintain close coordination with program operational staff to ensure that all operations adhere to all applicable controls, systems, and procedures for accountability.
  • Contribute to the application of measures that will ensure cost-effectiveness and sustainability.
  • Ensure the application of the administrative, financial, and technical procedures manual.
  • Ensure the cash management control system.
  • Ensure the effective and efficient use of the budget.
  • Ensure control of advances for activities granted to staff members and ensure that advances are cleared as quickly as possible.
  • Assist internal and external auditors.

Team management

  • Provide line management of all Floresta in Malawi staff in the assigned area of operation
  • Develop performance management plans and reviews of all staff in the area of operation
  • Provide overall leadership and guidance to Floresta in Malawi staff and facilitate the establishment of highly effective program implementation teams
  • Conduct Floresta staff and partner capacity needs assessment and develop and implement a staff training and capacity building plan
  • Provide a human resources development plan and promote performance in collaboration with technical teams coordinating SR, ER, and EE activities
  • Ensure career management following the set out human resources development policies
  • Enforce the staff code of conduct within the framework of internal control

Monitoring and Evaluation and Knowledge managemen

  • Facilitate the development and implementation of a robust M&E plan for the country program.
  • Conduct regular field monitoring to assess team performance against milestones and standards and provide guidance and support where necessary.
  • Coordinate the collection of regular data related to Floresta in Malawi activities for learning and knowledge management.
  • Regularly facilitate team reviews to assess the performance of partner activities or operations against agreed targets, objectives, and timelines and ensure the necessary adjustments are made.
  • Regularly contribute to the documentation of case studies and profiling of Floresta in Malawi work and experience in areas of operations.
  • Coordinate the participation of Floresta in Malawi, and communities in regular evaluations and assessments.
  • Timely produce all regular and analytical narrative, financial, and statistical reports on progress.
  • Ensure the administrative follow-up of the contracts of consultants recruited by Floresta in Malawi.
  • Ensure the resolution of disputes related to the service.

Management of the safety of assets and operations

  • Regularly monitor and maintain the safety of Floresta in Malawi assets and ensure operations are undertaken with minimum risk.
  • Contribute to the development, and review of the safety procedures in the country program.

Representation of Floresta

  • Be the focal point and maintain relations with all key Government, traditional, and NGO stakeholders in the districts and community levels.
  • Participate and represent Floresta in Malawi at all relevant district council and sector coordination meetings

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

Program Development and Oversight:

  • Establish and deliver on annual program objectives and provide leadership to staff by developing weekly, monthly, and Quarterly operational plans that align with the organization’s strategic goals
  • Plan, develop, execute, and monitor work plans monthly, quarterly, and annual. Conduct regular program performance reviews.
  • Develop standard operating procedures for program planning and management.


  • Ensuring the program spending and activities comply with the policies and regulations of the Floresta organization.
  • Facilitate the production of high-quality narrative and financial reports.
  • Ensure that communities are aware of the grievance redress mechanism and staff comply with the safeguarding principles of Floresta.
  • Ensure that Floresta’s program plans comply with the provisions of the law.

Capacity Building and Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Establishing networking, as well as collaboration with relevant key stakeholders.
  • Lead the process of building the capacity of key stakeholders at community level.

Financial Oversight and Resource Management

  • Managing program-related field-level resources, including requests and budget approvals and expenditures/liquidations
  • Support the National Director in ensuring good stewardship of program-related funds and resources, and timely submission of technical reports to the Board, government, and development partners, including full compliance with applicable standards for respective partners


  • Ensure representation of Floresta in the district development forums
  • Organizing and preparing program reports to be presented by ND during board meetings.
  • Ensure that narrative and reports are produced as per the standard operating procedures.

Resource Mobilisation

  • Lead in the preparation of compelling grant proposals, concept notes, and funding applications and also collaborate with program managers to ensure alignment between project proposals and Floresta’s strategic plan
  • Facilitate the development of the Country program strategic plan

People management

  • Facilitate the development of Key Performance Indicators and conduct regular staff performance reviews
  • Manage the day-to-day performance of staff within the program section
  • Identifying staff development training needs
  • Support in hiring and off-hiring of programme staff.

Key Competencies and Attributes

  • Ability to demonstrate strong leadership and strategic thinking with a minimum of 5 years of extensive program management experience in an NGO environment.
  • A minimum of a Master’s degree in development studies, agriculture, and other related social sciences.
  • Demonstrated competence in planning and managing high-impact community-driven programs in dynamic environments.
  • Proven organizational and planning skills matched with the ability to execute at a level of excellence in a complex and constantly changing work environment.
  • Unquestionable professionalism and integrity in the management of NGO programs, human resources, finances, and partnerships.
  • Demonstrated experience in managing program budgets and overseeing the implementation of strong financial accountability and reporting.
  • A track record of program representation and partnership management including host governments, donors, communities, civil society organizations, and church networks.
  • Evidence of a successful track record in producing high-quality program reports for diverse audiences including NGOs, donors, and governments.
  • Demonstrated ability to write winning proposals, top-rate project concepts, and technical briefs to support fundraising and donor cultivation.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage, lead, motivate, and build the capacity of teams.
  • Good communication, presentation, interpersonal, and negotiation skills.
  • Ability to work independently while delivering on targets.
  • Strong computer skills with the capability to use all basic packages.
  • Knowledge of the water and sanitation programming issues.
  • Ability and willingness to live, work, and thrive in remote and underserved areas with modest resources.
  • A clean class B or C1 driver’s license.

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