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Primary Principal at Enko Education

  • Full Time
  • Malawi
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  • Salary: 000

Enko Education

The Primary Principal is accountable for:

  1. Leading outstanding teaching and learning throughout the primary years Reception to Standard 6
  2. Organising the yearly timetable for teachers
  3. Organising the yearly calendar for activities and events, and communicating this to all stakeholders
  4. Providing training and feedback to teachers regarding effective curriculum and classroom practices
  5. Collaborating and communicating effectively with the teaching team, students  and parents
  6. Collaboratively managing the workflow of the primary staff
  7. Participating in weekly leadership meetings, leading weekly section meetings and a regular cycle of professional development for staff
  8. Ensuring the thorough understanding and implementation of the policies and procedures of the primary phase and the whole school.
  9. Innovating, inspiring and empowering school improvement in all areas of the Primary phase
  10. Being an excellent role model, embodying the core values of the whole school, internationalism, and lifelong learning

Accountable to Head of School

Direct responsibility for: Coordinators, Teachers,/Tutors, SEN Lead, Phase Support Staff and Librarian

General Duties

  1. Ensure that each student receives a high quality educational experience every day, valuing their individual strengths and building on areas for growth
  2. Be an outstanding subject teacher, as defined by Enko Botho
  3. Implement and apply all confidentiality policies within the school and maintain all confidential information relating to the school and its operations as strictly confidential
  4. Develop, lead and implement an effective technology plan for the primary phase
  5. Develop, lead and implement effective record keeping and communication in the primary phase
  6. Promote a positive image of the school at all times
  7. Meet regularly with Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to review the needs of the whole school, primary phase and all students
  8. Actively research and discuss new theories, practices and methodologies in relation to education and educational management
  9. Contribute to the development of the whole school and Primary phase policies, procedures and guidelines and contribute to the review and development of the School Development Plan
  10. Develop section timetable, staffing assignment, duty rota, supervision plans, to ensure efficient use of resources and an outstanding provision of service
  11. Develop a comprehensive and challenging educational project for the Primary Phase and allocate assigned budget effectively ensuring the delivery of an outstanding educational service and good value for money
  12. Actively participate in professional development and training
  13. Uphold the environmentally conscious ethos of the whole school by working in environmentally friendly ways wherever possible
  14. Understand, implement and promote the Values, Vision and Mission of the School
  15. Carry out all reasonable assignments as requested by the Head of School including deputising for the Head of School
  16. Report to the Board when requested

2.    Communication

a)    Establish and develop open, trusting relationships with all stakeholders which build a stronger school community

b)    Lead effective weekly Primary staff meetings

c)    Be proactive in all communication with stakeholders, responding in an effective and timely manner to all enquiries

d)    Effectively lead Primary assemblies and develop staff participation and leadership of       same

e)    Keep the Head of School adequately informed about, work progress; issues associated with students or the Primary Phase; or any other issue that will help to effectively carry out their role

f)    Report regularly to the Head of School regarding Primary School staffing, resourcing, and budgetary and facilities needs

g)    Establish effective regular communication with all stakeholders

h)    Represent the Primary Section at all appropriate meetings and functions, including sports and cultural events


3.    Staffing

a)    Lead, build, and inspire an effective team

b)    Comply with the Recruitment Policy and ensure the recruitment and retention of excellent staff

c)    Develop, lead and implement a strong professional development programme

d)    Actively involve staff directly in aspects of curriculum design, behavioural expectations for students, their daily routines and the school’s expectations of them, the timetable, and the future development of the Section

e)    Effectively implement the School’s framework for support and development for staff

f)    Develop, lead and implement an effective induction for all staff new to the school or their role


4.    Curriculum

a)    Mentoring the day-to-day delivery of quality teaching and learning through walkthroughs, observations, etc.

b)    Establish and manage curriculum leadership teams

c)    Oversee the review and development of the curriculum in close coordination with the curriculum coordinators, to ensure a balanced education bearing in mind the school’s philosophy regarding individual attention

d)    With the Secondary Principal, ensure that curriculum policies form a coherent link between the different sections of the School

e)    Develop, lead and implement a curriculum, review cycle including coherent scope and sequence documents, schemes of work and lesson plans

f)    With the SLT, create and document Primary policies about curriculum issues, e.g. marking handwriting, homework, displays, CAIE Learner Profile, higher order thinking skills etc.

g)    Receive planning from staff each week and review it in light of on-going staff appraisal and development.

h)    Analyse student performance data, including benchmarks, and implement action to ensure all students are making progress

i)    With the Secondary Principal, develop, lead and implement a continuum of extra-curricular activities, trips, and other curriculum enrichment.

j)    Contribute to the development and implementation of a school-wide assessment policy

k)    Ensure that the Primary student records are maintained on the School information Management System


6.    Admission

a)    In line with school policy, actively contribute to the recruitment and admission of students who will benefit from the school’s educational project

b)    In line with the school policy, work with families to ensure the successful transition of students from the school to other schools and universities.

Primary Principal Job Description subject to review in consultation with the post-holder in accordance with the changing needs of the school.