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MALAWI FP2030 Youth Focal Point at Palladium

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MALAWI FP2030 Youth Focal Point

FP2030 Overview

 FP2030 is a global movement dedicated to advancing the rights of people everywhere to access reproductive health services safely and on their terms. FP2030 is the only global partnership centered solely on family planning. The singular focus allows the partnership to bring together the widest possible range of partners across disciplines and sectors while situating family planning at the crossroads of the global health, development, and gender equality agendas. Malawi is one of the FP2030 commitment-making countries. Learn more here:

Role of the Focal Points  

 Focal Points serve as critical partners in achieving local and global FP2030 goals. Malawi has established an Engagement Working Group (EWG) for FP2030 commitments comprising focal point representatives from civil society, youth, donors, and a government agency. Collectively Focal Points work together to advance the rights of Malawians to access reproductive health services and rights.

Roles of Youth Focal Point: Youth Focal Points support, implement, and hold the Government of Malawi accountable for the achievement of the FP2030 commitments. They provide the perspectives of the diversity of youth to their best ability. They are youth-led organizations, networks, or coalitions that focus on the role of family planning in development or issues closely related to family planning in development.

Specifically, Youth Focal Points:

  • Support the government’s commitment process to FP2030, with a focus on the needs of the most vulnerable, especially adolescents and youth including in emergency and disaster response.
  • Facilitate a transparent flow of information between FP2030 regional hub, the EWG, and the youth.
  • Share on progress and challenges on Malawi’s commitments within their respective organizations, coordination bodies such as National Youth Council of Malawi (NYCOM), the Government Youth Friendly Health Services Focal Point, and wider youth network.
  • Assist Government focal point in identifying needs for technical assistance or financial resources, especially as they relate to vulnerable groups like adolescents, youth and persons with disabilities.
  • Raise awareness and provide guidance to other youth on how to make their own commitments to FP2030.
  • Support scaling up of High Impact FP2030 related Interventions that have proven to work in reaching adolescents and youth.
  • Support fellow youth led organization with domestic and international resource mobilization and linkage to capacity building initiatives.
  • Support the alignment of youth led interventions to FP2030 commitments.

Profile of youth focal point

  •  Youth Focal Point: must be an individual representing a local youth-led organization, networks, or coalitions between 18-28 years of age. The individual youth point of contact will rotate off the Engagement Working Group if they no longer represent the organization, network, or coalition originally selected to serve.
  • Practice the values of FP2030, including evidence-based planning, dedication to working transparently, collaboratively, and equitably with others, especially youth.
  • Trusted and respected representative of their sector, therefore able to mobilize partners, facilitate consensus, and represent the interests of a broad array of their sectors’ partners, not just their own organization.
  • Well versed in local family planning and adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights context, policies, strategy, and funding among others.

The organization, Network or coalition must have the following attributes:

  • Must be led by a young person not more than 35 years of age as stipulated in the National Youth Policy.
  • Must have implemented interventions on family planning and development for a minimum of 2 continuous years.
  • Must be registered with the National Youth Council of Malawi or the Department of Youth.
  • Must be committed to supporting the nominated youth focal person throughout their term. If the nominated individual leaves the organization, network, or coalition before the end of their term; the organization, network, or coalition must identify and support another individual to fill the vacancy.

Time commitment: Youth Focal Points, the commitment term limit is two years.


Method Of Application

Interested local youth-led organizations, networks, or coalitions should submit their applications.

The application pack should include the following:

  • A cover letter detailing the organizations, network, or coalition’s suitability for the position. The cover letter should include some family planning interventions the organization and the nominated focal person has implemented.
  • A commitment statement to support the representative focal person attend in-country FP2030 engagements.
  • Registration certificate (NYCOM or Department of Youth).
  • CV and Copy of National ID for nominated young person to represent the organization, network, or coalition in the engagement.
  • The application pack should be submitted by 17 November, 2023 in one PDF file via this portal.

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