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Lead Gardener at US Embassy

  • Full Time
  • Lilongwe
  • Salary: 00

US Embassy


The Lead Gardener reports directly to the Chancery Maintenance Supervisor with oversight from the Facility Manager and oversees, manages, and directs all aspects of the landscaping and exterior integrated pest management related operations for the Embassy office and residences’, CMR, and the warehouse.  The incumbent directly supervises two gardeners, grade FSN -2, and provides daily guidance, direction, and scheduling tasks for 20 contractual staff. Ensures that the landscaping, fishponds, and swimming pools at the Embassy offices and residences are maintained to the highest standards.

The incumbent establishes daily work schedules for the in-house gardeners and external landscape contractors.  Incumbent inspects the compounds regularly and coordinates with the Supervisors and / or Facility Manger to ensure noted deficiencies are properly addressed.  Incumbent escorts and inspects contractors to ensure the quality of their work meets expectations.  The incumbent will perform basic gardening activities such as mowing the grass on a regular basis, watering during the dry season, weeding of gardens, trimming of hedges, racking up fallen leaves and branches, transplanting of flowers and shrubs, and sweeping the walkways and driveway.

The incumbent will also work in conjunction with the APOSHO and Facility Manager for establishing, identifying and applying the Integrated Pest Management program and pesticides.

Qualifications and Evaluations

EXPERIENCE: Minimum three years’ experience working in a nursery, as a gardener, for landscape contractor, or in a like environment. 

JOB KNOWLEDGE:  Incumbent must have knowledge of established practices, policies, and basic procedures of planting schedules cycles and growing patterns, how and when to apply water, fertilizers, compost, and pesticides. Must have knowledge about maintaining pools, chemicals, and testing equipment.

Education Requirements:
Completion of high school required
Post may choose to add the phrase “This may be tested” after a language, skill, and/or ability.  Review the VA template for specific information.

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