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Irrigation Officer at Synthesis Company Limited

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Synthesis Company Limited

VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT@ Synthesis Company Limited


Synthesis agriculture company Limited is a private company that specializes in Agri-marketing, research and training, seed multiplication, unlimited extension services, implementation of innovative irrigation, water supply and engineering works, agri-business and financing. The company was established with an aim of promoting the agriculture sector, creating jobs for the youth, inspiring farmers and the retired through production, marketing and value addition. We have clear strategies for using collective innovations, technologies and knowledge in market developments as a way of delivering sustainable services to our clients, which makes us better over our competitors.Synthesis agriculture is therefore looking for dedicated professional Christians to be consideredfor job positions below.

The purpose of the post is responsible for the planning, management, and maintenance of irrigation systems to ensure efficient water resource use, support agricultural productivity, and comply with regulations while promoting sustainable practices and community engagement. The specific responsibilities may vary depending on the context and the organization they work for.
Key Responsibilities
System Management: Oversee the operation and maintenance of irrigation systems, including canals, reservoirs, pumps, and pipelines, to ensure water is delivered efficiently to agricultural fields.
Water Allocation: Allocate water resources to farmers based on established rules and priorities, taking into account the water needs of different crops and agricultural areas.
Monitoring and Inspection: Regularly inspect and monitor the condition of the irrigation infrastructure to identify and address maintenance and repair needs promptly.
Scheduling: Develop irrigation schedules that align with crop water requirements, weather conditions, and soil types, optimizing water use and crop yield
Data Collection: Gather data on water usage, system performance, and crop outcomes for analysis and reporting to inform decision-making and planning.
Water Quality: Ensure that the water quality meets agricultural needs and standards, addressing issues related to salinity, contamination, or water treatment as necessary.
Environmental Compliance: Ensure that irrigation practices adhere to environmental regulations and standards, taking steps to mitigate adverse environmental impacts.
Technical Support: Provide guidance and technical expertise to farmers on irrigation practices and technologies, including modern methods such as drip irrigation, sprinkler systems, and flood irrigation.
Training and Education: Organize training sessions and workshops for farmers to enhance their knowledge of efficient water use and irrigation management.
Emergency Response: Develop and implement contingency plans for addressing emergencies like droughts, floods, or system failures, ensuring a rapid response to mitigate risks.
Regulatory Compliance: Stay informed about relevant laws, policies, and regulations related to water resource management and ensure compliance with them.
Collaboration: Work in collaboration with other relevant government agencies, agricultural extension services, and local communities to promote sustainable water resource management and agricultural development.
Budget Management: Manage financial resources allocated to irrigation projects, ensuring that funds are used effectively for maintenance, repairs, and system improvements.
Documentation: Maintain records of water usage, system maintenance, and other relevant data to support reporting and decision-making.
Research and Innovation: Stay updated on new irrigation technologies and best practices to continually improve the efficiency and sustainability of irrigation systems.
Community Engagement: Engage with local communities and stakeholders to address concerns, gather feedback, and build support for irrigation initiatives.
Reporting: Prepare reports on the performance of irrigation systems, water use efficiency, and other relevant metrics to inform decision-makers and stakeholders.
Competencies and Key Requirements:
  • Experience in community mobilization and sensitization/training in the fields of agriculture and strong technical knowledge in agricultural production (Banana, Watermelon, Ginger, Garlic, soya beans, groundnuts, sunflower, sugar beans and horticultural crops) with an emphasis on enhancing produce quality.
  • Proven knowledge of and experience in support and training of small-scale farmers in enhancement of produce quality, post-harvest handling, and produce bulking, collective marketing and market information.
  • Good writing and reporting skills with attention to detail and data accuracy. Experience in working with data and databases highly valued.
  • Competence in Microsoft office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power point).Fluent command of English and ChichewaGood command of IT, using email, internet, and search engineAcademic Qualifications.
  • A minimum of a Diploma in Agriculture, Agronomy, Horticulture, Irrigation Technology or related area.
  • Have at least 1 year experience in the field of agricultural production and farmer organization;
Method Of Application
Eligible candidates meeting the required qualifications and experience should send their application with Cover letter, detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV), copies of certificates, name, addresses and telephone numbers of three traceable referees with their working contacts and emails. Applications should be received not later than Wednesday 15 November 2023 to the following address.
The Finance and Administration Officer
Synthesis Company Limited
Eber House Blantyre
Email: [email protected] Only shortlisted candidates will be acknowledged.