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Food Production Manager at IK Foods

IK Foods

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Food Production Manager (0) Full-time

1. Introduction

IK Foods is an innovative food processing company producing tasty, nutritious, and modern food products that are Spreading Happiness to Malawians and Beyond. It is looking to hire an experienced and highly motivated “Food production Manager” to continue expanding the company’s vision and its Brands



2. Duties and Responsibilities

2.1. Food products Quality Assurance and food safety

2.2. Conduct studies to discover ways to improve the efficiency of production processes

2.3 Oversee the hiring and training of food production personnel

2.4. Monitor every aspect of production to ensure compliance with established procedures and standards

2.5 Develop and promote new food products to boost sales and increase generated returns

2.6 Conduct a forecast to identify potential risks and contingencies in a proposed project.

2.7. Maintain accurate inventory of raw materials and processed food products

2.8 Ensure all company regulations and government legislations are adhered to

2.9. Attend seminars, conferences, and educational programs to update job knowledge and maintain knowledge retention

3. Qualification, Skills, and Experience

3.1. Bachelor’s degree / Advanced Diploma in food science, food technology, food processing, Nutrition, or a similar discipline from a reputable institution.

3.2. At least a minimum of 5 years of working experience as a food production technician or food manufacturing manager with experience in food supply management or similar capacity is a priority

3.3. Leadership Skills, Time-management skills, Decision-making Skills, and Innovative skills.

4. Location

4.1. Full-time based in Lilongwe, Malawi.

5. Contacts for Application

5.1. Email a cover application letter and your curriculum vitae (CV) to addressed to the Managing Director of IK Foods.

5.2. The due date for Applications is set to 30th September 2022

To apply for this job please visit