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Communications Officer (Malawi Citizen/Resident) at CURE International

CURE International

The Beit CURE International Hospital of Malawi is seeking a talented Malawi citizen or resident to serve as the hospital’s Communications Officer. This individual will act as a liaison between the hospital and its programs, CURE International’s Mission Support Center (MSC), and the growing community of friends and supporters of CURE. The Communications Officer will be responsible for producing high-quality written work, photography, and video, and will be in-charge of managing the hospital’s web and social media content.


  1. Document overall activity at the hospital by providing content for telling the CURE story through articles, photo essays, videos, donor reports, and social media posts.
  2. Develop long-form stories of patients who are years out of recovery.
  3. Collaborate with the hospital senior management team to document hospital activities, news, events, and information for donor reporting, news/stories, website(s), and mobile clinics.
  4. Fulfill a supportive role in the marketing needs of the hospital with social media and public relations.
  5. Fulfill a supportive role in the internal communications needs of the hospital.
  6. Produce and deliver timely digital content to the MSC Communications Department for events.
  7. Complete regular check-ins with your direct supervisor at the local hospital in order to assess the hospital’s internal communications, marketing, and/or donor support needs.
  8. Communicate with the Communications Manager through regular teleconferences and email.
  9. Provide communications support to the MSC Advancement team through donor thank you videos.
  10. Be an active participant in helping to host and represent CURE to individuals who visit the hospital.

Education/experience Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Photojournalism, Photography, Communications, Marketing or related degree, or equivalent amount of related experience.
  2. Minimum of 3 years experience with photography, videography, and photojournalism.
  3. Experience with internet social media tools including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, blogs, and email.
  4. Fluent in Chichewa and English.
  5. Ability to communicate effectively in written English.
  6. Excellent ability to write and communicate in short form for a western audience.
  7. Advanced photography and video competence regarding DSLR cameras, lighting, composition, editing, etc.
  8. Experience using, or exposure to, Adobe Lightroom or related software.
  9. Experience using, or exposure to, Mac OS X.
  10. Passionate about the mission of CURE.
  11. Love for children and their families.
  12. Comfortable working in a medical setting.

In addition, all candidates should be familiar with CURE International’s Statement of Faith, and will be required to agree with the declarations of the Statement of Faith in order to be considered for this position.

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