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Business Support Services Coordinator at Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust

  • Full Time
  • Blantyre
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Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust

Job Description


The Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Research Programme (MLW) ( is an internationally recognised centre for research and research training, affiliated to the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHeS). MLW has 2 aims, to conduct excellent research to benefit health and train the next generation of researchers and leaders. Our Blantyre-based offices located within the vicinity of the largest hospital in Malawi, Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) provide for the optimum research environment.

Job Summary 

The job exists to provide high end, efficient overall management of the administrative roles that fall within the Facilities department but impacts institutional wideservice delivery to the larger MLW community.



C         KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES/RESPONSIBILITIES: The major duties and tasks of this job.

Front Office, Meeting Room, and Conference Management  

  • Management of reception services, including in MLW field sites where such a service is available in liaison with the Field Sites department and bringing innovative way of working.
  • Management of phone services both ground lines and mobile phone network provision, including servicing where needed.
  • Management of telephone services, postal services in liaison with the receptionists
  • Coordinating all conference bookings for Institutional wide events and liaising with Theme/group administrators on any significant conference booking arrangements
  • Liaising with Housekeeping Services Coordinator on conference bookings and packages for cafeteria and rooms
  • Oversight over room bookings, performance and responding to queries raised by staff members.

Visitor and Space Management

  • Preparation of identity cards to new members of staff and replacement
  • Printing of identity cards to new members and card replacements wherever necessary.
  • Door access management and monitoring and control in liaison with security staff.
  • Liaison with IT department on door access activation faults.
  • Coordinating space committee meetings and taking minutes
  • Management of space allocation across all sites in liaison with the Field Sites Department where appropriate and providing required data regarding space management.
  • Maintaining the space management system

Financial Management

  • Reporting on expenditures relating to the business services sections.
  • Preparation of monthly bills recharges for Business Support Services and submitting to finance for recharges.
  • Budgeting for Business Support Services and feeding into the overall Facilities Budget

Staff management and External stakeholders’ liaison

  • Manage recruitment of staff within the Business Support Services Section and foster capacity building to junior staff within span of control.
  • Supervising of receptionists and office assistants at the main MLW campus on daily basis and carrying out annual appraisals.
  • Liaison with key business support service providers on service delivery i.e. Water board, Escom, Mtl, Airtel Malawi, Postal/Courier Services Total Malawi on service provision including account management and sorting out relevant bills.

Business Center Management  

  • Management of the business center services including photocopying, binding, shredding
  • Ensure all equipment in the business center is available and well serviced to provide efficient services.
  • Coordinate printing paper distribution in liaison with IT, across various buildings at the MLW main site
  • Provide communal computer and internet service for those in CREATOR building in addition to the computer Lab in LTC building.
  • Provide courier/postal services including mail and postal address management.

Planning, Documentation and Reporting

  • Preparing a monthly report regarding the activities in relation to business services conducted within the period to facilities manager.
  • Developing of business services innovations in liaison with facilities manager.
  • Taking lead in reviewing service delivery services with MLW staff and engaging service providers.
  • Preparation of standard operating procedures for various areas i.e. door access, identity
  • Following up on water, electricity, telephone bills monthly and making sure that payments are processed and paid to the utility service provider in time.
  • Maintaining a sound filling system for all important documents within the facilities department and work with all supervisors to ensure that both electronic and hardcopy files are filed in an orderly manner within the Facilities Department.

Health and safety

  • Solving problems reported about health and safety.
  • Ensure a safe working environment by always following health and safety rules.
  • To immediately notify the line manager of all accidents/incidents, potential hazards and near misses and to complete MLW Incident report forms



QUALIFICATIONS: (i.e. Education, Training and Experience Requirements).

D (a)   Education: Bachelor’s degree in business administration or its equivalent

D (b)   Experience:  The minimum number of 5 years of experience required to perform all the duties of the job to standard.

  • At least 3-5 years’ relevant experience.

E         KEY COMPENTENCIES/ATTRIBUTES AND SKILLS (e.g. IT Skills, Personality, Communication, Teamwork etc.)

  • Problem solver
  • Critical thinking
  • Self-disciplined
  • Innovative
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • High sense of urgency
  • Leadership skills
  • High level of honesty
  • Leadership skills

F         DECISION MAKING: 3-5 decisions required on the job with minimum input or checking by supervisors.

  • Decision on everyday issues regarding the section.
  • Disciplinary issues
  • Procurement issues
  • Recruitment
  • Logistics related.

F (a)    Manuals, policies, procedures, or guidelines that govern decision-making:

  • MLW Staff handbook
  • Handset operating procedure
  • Service providers agreements
  • Space management procedures
  • Labour relations and employment act.

F (b)    Financial decisions required in this job (e.g. budgets, expenditures, petty cash etc)

  • Serenic raising of requisitions.
  • Purchase of supplies and services
  • Safekeeping of departmental petty cash
  • Arranging payment for all utilities for MLW.
  • Budget for Business Services Section


G (a)    For people (supervisory):  describe the type of supervision exercised and the number of employees directly reporting and are accountable to this position.

  • 2 receptionists
  • 2   Office assistants

G (b)   For resources: describe the type, volume, and value of resources/equipment, etc for which you have direct responsibility.

  • Room booking gadgets.
  • Departmental documents
  • Mobile handsets

H         WORK COMPLEXITY: The degree of complexity of the job i.e. how simple, standardized or complicated the work is:

  • The job is complex as it deals with real-time decisions and fosters business continuity for the department and studies.
  • Requires sound decisions, honesty, and speed.

I          ACCOUNTABILITY FOR ERRORS:  The impact of errors on organizational resources, customers, processes, equipment etc.

  • Errors can cause increased frustrations to staff members.
  • Errors can lead to high operation costs and loss of power, loss of communication, water, and other essential services to the organization.
  • Errors can lead to litigation and affect the overall organization reputation.

J          WORKING CONDITIONS:  Inconvenient or disagreeable aspects of the job e.g. exposure to heat, dirt, outside work, constant interruptions, hazards, uncomfortable situations etc.

J(a)      Uncomfortable Conditions: 

  • Sitting on prolonged hours
  • Interruptions from various staff members who will liaise with the staff daily.
  • False accusations on things which we are not at fault for.

J (b)    Job Hazards:

  • Work requires moving to various floors to meet people and organize as required. This can cause some discomfort in the absence of lift.
  • Hazards during printing of access cards i.e. fumes.

K         ORGANISATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS/CONTACTS: Local and international contacts, frequency, purpose, and method etc.

MLW recognizes its responsibility in safeguarding and protecting communities, research participants and patients with whom MLW is working. Please note that successful candidates will be requested to undergo a safeguarding check prior to appointment and at regular time points during employment.

Method Of Application

  • copies of relevant certificates,
  • a detailed CV with 3 contactable referees
  • All documents should be sent in the applicant’s names as one (1) pdf file.
  • Please indicate the position title as the heading of the email.

To not later than 20th March 2024.