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Building Services Engineer at Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust

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  • Blantyre
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Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust

Job Description


The Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Research Programme (MLW) ( is an internationally recognised centre for research and research training, affiliated to the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHeS). MLW has 2 aims, to conduct excellent research to benefit health and train the next generation of researchers and leaders. Our Blantyre-based offices located within the vicinity of the largest hospital in Malawi, Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) provide for the optimum research environment.

POSITION FUNCTION (PURPOSE):  In summary, why does the job exist?

The successful individual will oversee mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and auxiliary services across MLW sites. This role involves planning, supervising staff and contractors, ensuring compliance, and managing maintenance services efficiently. With at least 5 years of experience and a degree in Civil Engineering, along with expertise in electrical and mechanical engineering, the incumbent will lead projects, optimize systems, and enhance energy efficiency.


KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES/RESPONSIBILITIES: The major duties and tasks of this job.

  1. Building Systems planning
  • Scheduling both internal and external work(s) maximising planned down time and reducing unplanned downtime.
  • Developing Planned Preventative & Routine Maintenance (PPM) schedules, to ensure that full preventative & routine maintenance is carried out, planning missed maintenance activities, and leading the team to deliver effectively.
  • Planning and overseeing all repair and installation activities.
  • Contribute towards long term strategic plans for Building systems.
  1. Supervision of staff/Contractors and Capacity Building
  • Supervising specialist contractors’ staff and delegated works to ensure the health and safety of MLW staff, visitors, and the contractors, and that the work is of the required standard.
  • Supervising maintenance and building Systems staff and allocating and delegating tasks/projects in line with skill sets
  • Providing training and continuous development to all maintenance and building Systems staff in liaison with line manager.
  • Providing practical mentoring to maintenance and building Systems staff.
  1. Building Systems documentation, Risk Management and Compliance
  • Formulating policies and standard operating procedures and ensuring that there is compliance to these.
  • Taking a leading role in consistently documenting all e.g checklists, maintenance schedules, job completion schedules.
  • Reviewing installation plans and equipment specifications to ensure they properly meet the organisation’s needs.
  • Maintaining all records centrally including building schematics and all blueprints for all building and equipment across all MLW sites.
  • Adhering to daily and weekly checks to ensure smooth operation of services within the organization.
  • Contributing towards the Facilities risk register by highlighting risks and mitigations
  1. Building Systems Development, Implementation and Management
  • With support from IT and the Line Manager spearhead the development, implementation, and management of all Building Systems, particularly the maintenance help desk and Building Management System (BMS)
  • Ensuring that maintenance arm of the helpdesk is functional and providing timely support to users.
  • Using the Helpdesk to identify priorities and manage remedial works.
  • Using the BMS system to monitor all Building systems performance and make decisions accordingly.
  1. Routine, Preventative and Emergency Maintenance services
    • Routine Maintenance Services
  • Ensuring that designated buildings, plant, equipment, and facilities are fit for purpose through routine maintenance.
  • Designing, co-ordinating and monitoring all routine maintenance activities
  • Preventive Maintenance Services
  • Designing plans for preventative maintenance and carrying out servicing and maintenance of all Building systems.
  • Monitoring all preventative maintenance
  • Emergency Services
  • Manage emergency maintenance e.g caused by breakdowns, accidental occurrence, vandalism, misuse, natural disasters etc includes ‘out of hours’ on-call and emergency contingency response in support of MLW activities.
  • All the above services will cover the following critical areas:
  • all equipment and MLW buildings at the main site and Field Sites
  • Plumbing: water tanks, drainage system, sewer lines, carpentry.
  • Mechanical Activities: e.g HVAC (including Air Conditioning, heating, Air filtration, lifts, ventilation)
  • Electrical: small power e.g generators, UPSs, lighting, electrical boards, fire alarm system, door access system
  • Auxiliary services: e.g furnishings, painting
  1. Building refurbishments and Construction
  • Preparing scope of works, bill of quantities, designing conceptual and construction drawings for refurbishment or construction projects
  • Supervising projects and giving timely project progress reports to line manager.
  1. Building Systems Quality control
  • Ensuring that performance evaluations are being performed on technical work force before presenting to line manager.
  • Auditing and ensuring compliance of the engineering data systems.
  • Optimising equipment according to standard procedure, enhancing performance and product quality, ensuring the achievement of all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Managing systems and equipment data storage and maintain high levels of standards and accuracy.
  • Develop clear accountability for Building Systems material spend combined with a strategy to manage expenditure.
  1. Reporting and Budgets
  • Analysing performance and costs
  • Preparation of monthly reports on performance to assist with decision making.
  • Attending meetings and presenting concepts and progress reports to interested parties.
  1. Energy Efficiency
  • Assisting the Facilities Manager in coming up with proposals for energy efficiency, implement the plans and monitor performance.
  • Working to ensure sustainable environmental operations by reducing things such as energy or water wastage.
  • Membership on the MLW Environmental Strategy Group and contributing towards MLW operations plans towards energy efficiency.


QUALIFICATIONS: (i.e. Education, Training, and Experience Requirements).

D(a)    Education: The minimum level of education required to perform all the duties of the job to standard.

  • Degree in Civil Engineering with excellent knowledge or experience in electrical and Electronics Engineering and/or Mechanical Engineering.

(b) Experience: The minimum number of years of experience required to perform all the duties of the job to standard.

  • At least 5 years and above relevant experience.

E         KEY COMPENTENCIES/ATTRIBUTES AND SKILLS (e.g. IT Skills, Personality, Communication, Teamwork etc)

  • Problem solving skills.
  • Technical skills Excellent time management
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Flexibility
  • Strong Team building skills.
  • Excellent technical expertise.
  • Innovative
  • Numerical and analytical skills
  • Project management skills
  • Strong Leadership and management skills

F         DECISION MAKING: 3-5 decisions required on the job with minimum input or checking by supervisors.

  • Decide on the course of action to be taken in the event of an emergency.
  • Decide on maintenance model to use when carrying out maintenance of the buildings.
  • Coming up with Building Systems work plans and giving them priority levels.
  • Allocation of tasks to staff.
  • Make recommendations to Line Manager on Purchase and Disposal of equipment in liaison with Supply Chain and Internal Procurement and Disposal Committee (IPDC)

F(a)     Manuals, policies, procedures, or guidelines that govern decision-making:

  • Maintenance manual
  • Generator inspections SOP’s
  • UPS inspections SOP’s
  • Building inspections SOP’s.
  • Fuel tank inspections SOP’s.
  • Staff Handbook
  • Finance Manual
  • Procurement Manual


F(b)     Financial decisions required in this job (e.g. budgets, expenditures, petty cash etc)

  • Contribute towards annual budgets preparation in liaison with the Facilities Manager
  • Analysis of Quotations: Critically analyzing quotations and BoQs given by suppliers so that there is value for money and deciding on who should carry out the works based on the technical and financial analysis.


G(a)    For people (supervisory):  describe the type of supervision exercised and the number of employees directly reporting and are accountable to this position.

  • Supervision of staff section (directly supervising 4 people initially with another anticipated 4 subsequently and different contractors)

G(b)    For resources: describe the type, volume, and value of resources/equipment, etc for which you have direct responsibility.

  • All buildings and equipment in MLW buildings at the main site and field sites (13 buildings of various sizes).

H         WORK COMPLEXITY: The degree of complexity of the job i.e., how simple, standardized or complicated the work is:

  • The work is complex as it involves applying knowledge of engineering and critical analysis to find solution.

on organizational resources, customers, processes, equipment etc.

  • Errors will lead to close of the organization i.e. electricity failures, generators, and water.
  • Errors can lead to injuries.

J          WORKING CONDITIONS:  Inconvenient or disagreeable aspects of the job e.g. exposure to heat, dirt, outside work, constant interruptions, hazards, uncomfortable situations etc.

J(a)      Uncomfortable Conditions: 

  • Working on risky/ hazardous systems, for example electrical systems and plumbing systems i.e. flushing blocked plumbing systems.
  • Working at a height i.e. checking water levels in a tank at the building roof

J(b)     Job Hazards:

  • Electrical shock
  • Slipping
  • Falling from height
  • Ladders falling
  • Head injuries from the refurbishment or construction site
  • Exposure to foul.
  • Falling from heights


K         ORGANISATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS/CONTACTS: Local and international contacts, frequency, purpose, and method etc.

MLW recognizes its responsibility in safeguarding and protecting communities, research participants and patients with whom MLW is working. Please note that successful candidates will be requested to undergo a safeguarding check prior to appointment and at regular time points during employment.

Method Of Application

  • copies of relevant certificates,
  • a detailed CV with 3 contactable referees
  • All documents should be sent in the applicant’s names as one (1) pdf file.
  • Please indicate the position title as the heading of the email.

To not later than 20th March 2024.